Jontron counts down his top 10 favorite video game commercials.

Top 10 Video Game Commercials
Date August 12th 2011
Series Top 10's

Cast Jon

Jon discusses that there are two kinds of commercials. One that shows off the actual game footage and the other one that was some hipster 90's shit that makes you want to vomit over everyone you love.


10. Super Mario World. Jon appreciates that there are only a handful of things the guy says that are actually relevant to the game. A little more realistic? Compared to what? Mario 2?

9. Zelda Rap. Complete with nerdy kid and not-actually-a-real-type-of-person-kid. And little to no gameplay.

8. Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2. Jon is annoyed by the conservative mothers comments after they have been exposed to the game play. He also finds some of the responses hilarious despite the fact that it goes along with a poor gamer stereotype.

7. Wii Would Like to Play.

6. PlayStation 3 Baby. Sony put themselves on Cocaine to bring forward the PS3 baby ad. Why does this ad even exist? It gave many gamers many a sleepless night.

5. Spongecake Jamsessions. The ad drops several F bombs, but the game is rated E 10+. Jon quits and leaves.


4. Jaguar. Do the math. Jon doesn't know what a 'bit' is, but we do need more of them. Cue some game play of how bad the jaguar actually was.

3. You Got Robin in my OOT!! Jon gets excited about seeing Robin Williams in an ad for Ocarina of Time. This is the best thing ever!

2. Mario Kart SNES. Jon thinks Super Mario Kart sucks, but the guy in the ad is way to excited about it having two speeds. Fast and Way to Fast? Brilliant.

1. Halo: Believe. Jon loved the real beautiful emotion that this advertisement displays.