Jon counts down his top 10 favorite Nintendo overworlds.

Top 10 Nintendo Overworlds
Date May 6th 2011
Series Top 10's

Cast Jon, Jacques


10. Diddy Kong Racing. It was too weird, but had some magical element to it.

9. Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland. Jon has the song from the ad stuck in his head even though it sucks. Jon loved the new graphics and music that the overworld had. Then there are the level names such as... Yogurt Yard?

8. Final Fantasy IX. Jon loves the soothing music.


7. Super Mario Galaxy. The comet Observatory just seems fun and magical.

6. Conkers Bad Fur Day. Jon is confused about how this game went from kid-friendly to a highly adult-orientated game. It's amazing with its happy music that follows you throughout the game.

5. Pilotwings Resort. Wuhu Island. Jon really enjoyed flying the plane around.

4. This was going to be Super Mario World, then Mario 3. So he went with both, but couldn't find game footage.

3. Hyrule Field - Ocarina of Time. Jon also appreciates Termina from Majora's Mask, and the vast ocean of Wind Waker. The feeling of adventure the first time you saw Hyrule Field was spectacular. He also enjoyed that time progressed as you moved through it.

2. Peach's Castle - Super Mario 64.  He finds the music enchanting. Jon cherishes the memories of his first visits throughout this hub world.

1. Spiral Mountain / Gruntilda's Lair. Banjo-Kazooie. Jon couldn't resist making this his #1. Jon can't describe how he feels about it in words. So he describes how he feels about it in words.