Jon counts down his top 10 favorite Mario Party mini games. Also, if your name is Benette Smith, Jon's got your Mario Party cartridge and wants to give it back. Jon gets angry multiple times throughout the video at Luigi buying his stupid Skeleton keys.

Top 10 Mario Party Minigames
Date September 21st 2010
Series Top 10's

Cast Jon, Jacques


10. Bobsled Run - Mario Party 1 and 2. It's better to play with a person rather than a computer.

9. Hot Bob-omb - Mario Party 1.

8. Hot Rope Jump - Mario Party 2.

7. Face Lift - Mario Party 1 and 2. Jon didn't think he deserved his 100pts score.

6. Boulder Ball - Mario Party 3. Again making fun of Luigi, Jon complains about how one sided this game really is. For Luigi.

5. Platform Peril - Mario Party 1.

4. Bombs Away - Mario Party 1 and 2.Jaque doesn't like Bombs Away.

3. Bowser's Big Blast - Mario Party 2.

2. Shock Drop or Roll - Mario Party 1.

Bonus: Shake It Up - Mario Party 8. Jon loves the inuendo about this game.

1. Bumper Balls - Mario Party 1 and 2. The games simplicity and strategy is what Jon loves about this one.