Jon counts down his top 10 Mario Kart tracks. This is the 8th episode of JonTron. As of June, the video is private and can only be accessed with a link. This is part one of Jon's first Halloween Special.

Top 10 Mario Kart Tracks
Date October 16th 2010
Series Top 10's

Cast Jon


10. DK Mountain (Wii) - Jon likes how the track has different kinds of terrain, and has potential for different strategies. He makes not of the track's atmosphere and jokes about how the constant, unflinching velocity you gain from the canon isn't realistic.

9. Yoshi's Valley (N64) - Jon notes that this track is all kinds of fun. His favourite feature being that the computer can't figure out the placement of the top four racers. He notes that the track is very diverse and complex, possibly too much for its own good. He also rants that it may not deserve its placement, but that he already wrote the episode's script.


8. Daisy Cruiser (GameCube) - Jon notes that this track sticks out from the rest in that they're all in geographical locations, while this one is on a boat in the middle of the ocean. He specifies that the boat belongs to Daisy, then explains that he doesn't care about Daisy and wonders why she still exists.

7. Choco Mountain (N64) - Jon adores this stage, but finds that he can't explain why he loves it so much. Bringing up several possible reasons, from the poor draw distance, to the various strategies. He compares it favourably to the chocolate stage from Super Mario Kart.

6. Bowser's Castle (all games) - He brings up this stage, stating that he enjoys its ability to immerse the player in Mario's lore. He notes the difficulty and eyecatching backdrop of the SNES version, the atmosphere of the N64 version, and appreciates Bowser's architecture in the CameCube version.

5. Banshee Boardwalk (N64) - Jon notes that the level is designed visciously, with dangerous ledges, and a giant cheep cheep. He notes that Red Shells can easily knock someone off a ledge.

4. Airship Fortress (DS) - Jon loves the level design and the memories of Mario 3's airship stage. He notes that it reimagines the fortress stages from Mario 3 to a point where the stage itself feels like warfare.

3. Rainbow Road (all games) - Jon's favorite is the Nintendo 64 version, but all of them are beautiful. He felt that the GameCube version almost looked real. Rainbow Road is a magical experience.

2. Wario Stadium (N64) - Jon felt that this was one of the most realistic tracks. Also, he thinks the shortcuts are for the weak. Skill, lightning bolts and red shells at the jump are important ways of winning.

1. Waluigi's Pinball (DS) - The level is immersive and has glorious music in the same way to Sonic's casino levels.

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