Jon counts down his top 10 best boss battles of all time. Jon was disgusted that he had to leave so much out.

Top 10 Boss Battles
Date September 29th 2010
Series Top 10's

Cast Jon, Jacques

  1. Boss battle created lasting memories.
  2. Only one game per series.


10. Gruntilda - Banjo Kazooie. Gruntilda was memorable for being a bitch throughout the whole game moreso than the fight itself. You had to listen to her throughout the whole thing that you form a relationship with her.

9. The Elite Four - Pokemon Red and Blue. Jon felt like he was meeting a celebrity when he encountered the elite four, as they were mentioned throughout the game so often.

8. Tom Nook - Animal Crossing. Get it? Tom's a great boss? Jon appreciates that there was no true boss in Animal Crossing.

7. The Great Mighty Poo - Conkers Bad Fury Day. The boss fight isn't just one of the best fights for the fight itself, but the charm of the song at the start of the fight.

6. Majora's Mask - Loz Majora's Mask. This creepy and weird boss is just one that Jon loves in one of his favorite games of all time.

5. Valus - Shadow of the Colossus.

4. Baby Bowser - Yoshi's Island. The music is really dark for such a happy game. What good luck it was that balloons carrying items appears.

3. Icon of Sin - Doom II. The ungodly noise terrified Jon as a kid. This boss is one of the most terrifying things that Jon has ever seen.

2. Bowser - Super Mario World. Jon played this game to a pulp, and he is extremely proud of beating this game 100% without the internet as a kid. Jon wishes that the clown car would return outside of Mario Kart.

1. Jubileus - Bayonetta. The game pulls a bait and switch to reveal the final boss. Every time you kill a boss in the game, they always mention the more powerful Jubileus. She even shoots galaxies at you! This boss battle is extremely long and difficult, and once she is destroyed and thrown into the sun - the game pulls a second bait and switch.