The Leagüe and I is a parody of the Lady Gaga song "Yoü and I". It is available on iTunes here. The song was taken down later most likely due to copyright disputes.

The Leagüe and I
Date October 18th 2011
Series none

Link(s) Video: not available


Cast Jon, Raihanna Estrada (backup singer), Chelsee Heinrich (Teemo dancer), Julie Bersani (Akali dancer), Daralina Komar (Nidalee dancer), Jacques (outro only), PeanutButterGamer (in game character only), Soah (in game character only), Dean (in game character only)

The song was directed by Layne Pavoggi, and produced by Channing Sargent and Will Lu. The lights and camera were done by Mike Schmidt.

The backup singer was Raihanna Estrada. Several of Jon's friends helped out by lending their League of Legend characters into the game such as PeanutButterGamer, Soah (seen in PBG's hardcore series and The Completionist's subreddit), and Dean (also seen in PBG's hardcore series).

In the end title, Jacques interrupts him several times. Jon yells at him and whistles.


Note: Raihanna's sections are written in bold.

It's been a long time since I played a ranked

It's been a long time since some shacos ganked

And this time I'm not Leaguin' without you

5v5 match me with those teammates LOL

I'll give anything at all just to avoid a troll

This time I'm not Leaguin' without you

I say sit back down where you belong

In your comfy 'puter chair, with the monitor glow

Sit back down and click where we

solo queued the first time in a PvP, yeah.

Something Something, something about the rift (summoners rift)

Something Something 'bout long gamin nights

And ignite to get a lift

Something Something something about

The cool demacian 5

Yeah something about

Babe the League and I

It's been two years since Morde wasn't OP

His shield is bullshit and don't just tell me to L2P

He'll take your soul, and he'll kill your friends with you.

Spoken: Now, that's just messed up man

When I B'd I picked up a heart of gold

So that Ashe could farm and get us to our final goal

But instead she just ran up-riv and died

Ooh-oh ooh-oh

Karthus' ult is way too frickin' strong

and Teemo shrooms make me wanna sing a sad song

Sanguine pool is a bunch of b

And when Fiddlesticks pops might as well GG.

Something Something, something about the rift (Uh, hu. Uh, hu.)

Something Something 'bout pwning nubs with nothin' but your fists.

Something Something, something about those level 1 jungle fights.

Yeah something about, the good old League and I.

The League and I

The League, League and I

Oh, yeah!

The League, League and I

The League, League and Iiii

The League and I

The League, League and I

Oh yeah!

Watch Cho Gath Fly!!

League of Legends and I!

Spoken: C'mon! Get those boots of moblity! Go gank those lanes. It may look bad now, but hey, out here it's war.

Spoken: Anything can happen if we just stick together. Eh screw it, maybe gangplank will DC!

We got a whole lot of gold, but we still stay in lane

'Cause you gotta keep bringin' on all the pain!

There's only three champs that Imma play in my whole life

It's Irelia and Annie and Jesus Christ

Something Something, something about the chase  (Mocking shout)

Got my 'finity edge, Ima chop you down

Before you can even flash away

Something, something about just knowing when to fight

So elixir up for the final push

To Baron, to the nexus, it's GG

The League and I

The League League and I

Shaco, you're gonna die!

JonTron yells: Oh shit...where'd he go...fucking stupid ass character...This is bullshit!

The League and I

The League League and I

OH SHIT ITS Soraka I'm gonna die!

Long live 5v5!

It's been a long time since I played some rounds

Been a long time but I aint backin' down

And this time I'm not Leaguin' without you

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