This a review JonTron did of the Famicom game, Takeshi's Challenge.

Takeshi's Challenge
Date April 22nd 2014
Series JonTron
Season 2
Episode Number 8

Cast Jon


Jon discusses some of man's biggest accomplishments and then introduces Takeshi Kitano, a man with many careers. Jon starts to play Takeshi's Challenge.

He manages to get a Game Over before the game actually starts. Jon states that this game is more depressing than real life. The character has to quit his job and divorce his wife! Jon gets lost very early on due to the game being too open-ended.

Jon demonstrates that at this point, most people would throw the game in the trash, burn it, and perform rituals to get rid of the bad spirits. But not JonTron. He dresses up in a suit and tie, and sets out to beat this game. He walks through the entire game, as it is all trial and error. This includes losing at gambling, which as much as Jon tries he can't do!

Jon shouts in frustration, and the mic picks up on it, and the game reacts to it. Jon is frustrated by the Yakuza constantly destroying him (dying forces the player to go back to the beginning of the game!).Once he gets through this, he has to beat up a guy, work out how to read a map (by waiting a full hour!), and then fly to the South Pacific. This is followed by a hang gliding section, where if the character is hit once, it's game over! After 2 - 30 attempts, Jon makes it to the island to find the final level, and discovers an exploit to actually make it to the end of the game, which has a very disappointing ending.

Jon ends the video by sending a letter to Takeshi, asking him why he made this game (Jon reads his script in Japanese, and what he says is translated into English).

Jon then says the game is bad and gives it a 2 out of 10.