Jon reviews a very strange, and very difficult NES title.

Monster Party
Date February 27th 2012
Series JonTron

Cast Jon, Jacques


Some people think that the NES is overdone, but the only thing that is overdone is Jon's toast!

Jon asks Jacques to bring over Monster Party. Jon describes the game as a nod to past horror classics, and was supposed to be more morbid. Jon poorly puts the game into his NES and begins to play. Jon realizes that this is going to be one of those days when a shrimp makes its way across the screen.

Jon reads the odd story, starring a guy called Mark who fuses with a monster. Jon isn't sure that this is the kind of party that Jon would want to be invited to. Jon receives a question mark for beating a plant boss. The character turns into a dragon.

The next 'boss' says that he is dead. Jon doesn't want to question it and takes the question mark. Jon is terrified by a scary looking dog. This is followed by a pumpkin man asking not to be picked on, and then begins to jump on Mark. This also terrifies Jon.

Jon realizes that this game is hard. Jon has to find a key to get finish the level, and finds an empty room. Jon mentions that challenging games are fine, but some are just made too hard. After defeating all the bosses in one life, he makes it to the next level. A well with eggplant moons shoots plates.

Jon gets stuck in a room with two zombies. Jon tries to kill them for three minutes, but nothing happens. He finds out that he has to watch them dance without touching them! This whole game is just walking into rooms and fighting ridiculous bosses!

Jon is having a nightmare, and wakes up. He gets the courage to beat the game, but immediately freaks out when he sees walking pants. Jon is dancing as he plays the game (and eats his overdone toast). He finally gets to the final level. He still doesn't have the key after beating all the bosses - until he realizes he was spawned to the right of a boss. He is killed very quickly. He does it all again, and is still annihilated.

He gets a game over, and gives up and looks up the ending on YouTube. Jacques mocks him for his inability to finish things, and then shoots Jon with his laser.