Malkovich's Gaming Game Show is the second Malkovich episode.

Malkovich's Gaming Game Show
Date October 5th 2011
Series Malkovich

Cast Jon (Malkovich), Arin Hanson, Barry Kramer, The Warp Zone, IndieStatik


Malkovich's Gaming game show is a show put on by Malkovich where he takes hostages and puts them up in an imaginary game show made up by Malkovich.

One contestant has to spin a wheel of wheels. He also gets contestants to test if milk has gone bad.

Jon soon breaks out of character and reveals that this was to send an evil race of aliens back to their planet forever. Vitalia turns into a Randor (which is a dinosaur) and attacks. Everyone starts shooting at each other with lasers. Malkovich shoots Vitalia, and Jon goes into space, wiping off the mustache.

It is revealed that Jon has launched the real Malkovich into space.

An outtake is then shown of Jon failing to pop his party popper.


  • Arin Hanson guest stars as Malkovich's assistant, Vitalia.
  • Barry, the editor for Game Grumps and who also assisted in a few JonTron episodes, appears in this episode.