Malkovich is a persona that Jon takes the role of in two skit episodes.


Malkovich hosts a show where he discusses video games, and has one episode where he discusses Super Mario 64. Apparently, he has a lot of haters, as during his call in segment, most of the callers just want to swear at him.

Malkovich is also the host of a gaming trivia shows that his contestants, which are seemingly held hostage, are forced to take part in. Malkovich isn't dealt any bodily harm during these skits. At the end of Malkovich's Gaming Game Show, he is launched into space, never to be seen again.


  • Malkovich is very briefly mentioned in a Game Grumps episode when Jon and Arin are speaking in Mexican accents and Jon points out how he sounds like he is "turning into Malkovich."
  • Malkovich makes an appearance in Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club. Jon dresses up as Malkovich so others do not realize what he is up to.
  • Malkovich is currently in stasis in space and may or may not be the one true god.