Jon makes a update video to say that more videos are coming, despite the gap between the previous videos being over six months apart.

JonTron State of Affairs
Date August 12th 2013
Series Update Video

Cast Jon, Jacques


As Jacques bites on Jon's lip, Jon's narration reads numerous comments about him not releasing videos for well over six months. Jon goes out into town and mimes to Nessun Dorma. He finds a food stand, and the storekeeper says that Jon gets food from him every night.

Jon tries to put his logo on his screen behind him, but he points out that what he has is the best he could do. Jacques continues to misbehave. Even when Jon moves him to the top of the monitor, he tries to fly off it, so Jon has to put Jacques back on his other shoulder.

He resorts to not having Jacques in it at all. Jon wants to put a video up every two weeks, but hasn't put one up in a very long time. He wants to state that he is a one man team, and delays end up happening. Jon doesn't want to make a video that isn't better than his previous video. He wants everyone to know that he is working on a lot of other things, and that videos are coming.

He will no longer have projected dates on videos. Jon hopes that his fans will stick with him and keep watching his videos.

Note: After about 2 years after its upload, State of Affairs was removed from the JonTron public video playlist, likely to not confuse newer viewers with old news. Other users have reuploaded the video for viewing pleasure however.