Jon is advertising his friends over at Continue?.

JonTron Loves Continue?
Date March 12th 2012
Series none

Cast Jon, Continue? crew (in clips)


Jon wants to make an announcement. He says that it is difficult to find good quality content on YouTube, as a lot of good content can be buried under girls showing off their breasts. Jon introduces Continue?. Nick Murphy, Paul Richie and Josh Henderson are the hosts.

These aren't simple lets plays, they are fully edited. Jon shows off one of the episodes of Continue? as they play Shaq Fu. Jon is trying to increase the number of Subscribers for Continue? He is aiming for 20,000 by March 19th 2012 and he will give away the copy of Monster Party he used in that episode. Getting to 30,000, he will give away the destroyed Mighty Max cartridge. The cartridge may be signed if the fan wishes it to be.

Jon ends by providing links to some of Continue?'s best videos, and makes fun of Google+. Suddenly, he finds that the Mighty Max cartridge has been leaking all around him.


  • This episode does not feature the intro cinematic.
  • Jon states that Continue? is one of the only few shows that he watches that actually makes him laugh.
  • The episodes that are linked to in the episode are: Defender of the Crown (link), Shaq Fu (link), Jaws Unleashed (link), and Total Recall (link).


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