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Jacques on JonTron's shoulder.


Green-Cheeked Conure (aka Green-Cheeked Parakeet)



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Jacques is a green cheeked conure parrot who is Jon's pet. Jacques has his wings clipped, so he cannot fly. He has sometimes been shown to try to fly, and regularly falls off of things, such as Jon's monitor in JonTron State of Affairs.

The Jacques character has been known to die and regenerates due to him being robot-like. He is an all knowing being, and has the abilities of wiping memories, killing without remorse, teleportation, and many emotions.

In an episode of Game Grumps, Jon stated that Jacques was originally going to have a human mouth and was to speak in a Persian/jive style of voice. Jacques personality was set as a robot because it was faster and easier to have his eyes glow rather than paste a mouth over him.

He appears in most episodes, usually to provide comedic relief and to insult Jon.


Jacques appears in the show usually on Jon's shoulder.  He comments on what Jon does and usually says something that isn't related to what is currently going on and is usually random.  When he isn't talking, he is nibbling on Jon's hair and ear or just sitting on his shoulder quietly.

Jacques' relationship with Jon is shown to be similar to a 'Best Friends' ordeal. The two will very frequently make jabs at one another in an attempt to hurt their feelings, but always connect on things like tasty nuts. Even despite this semi-rivalry, they genuinely like each other as evidenced in Home Alone Games, where Jon desperately obeys a hallucination of Macaulay Culkin in an attempt to revive Jacques.

Rarely, he is vital to the episode's plot.  For example, in Banjo Kazooie: Nuts And Bolts, he attempts to stop Jon from playing the game by destroying it and was turned into ash by Jon.  At the end, he returns and tosses a mirror to Jon while he's stuck to the chair.

After "Space Ace," Jacques went to Vietnam to support the war effort. He remained there for eight months before returning to the states.

Darth Vader kidnaps Jacques in the first episode of StarCade before beating him up. This is the reason why Jon sets off on his quest to play every Star Wars game.


  • In the early JonTron title card illustrations, Jacques is shown riding in Jon's backpack in the style of Kazooie from Banjo-Kazooie.
  • Jacques was originally purchased to replace an older parakeet that died.  In an episode of Game Grumps, Jon states that when he saw Jacques, he said it was "Instant love."
  • Jacques is shown to have multiple robotic abilities throughout the show. They are:
    • Firing lasers
    • Wiping people's memories
    • Teleporting people and himself
    • Transforming into a falcon
    • Telekinesis
    • Quicktime powers
    • Firing what appears to be Ryu-like lasers to activate objects.
  • Jacques can be reprogrammed by Jon, but his regular personality can be restored by a short circuit.
    • In relation to this, his red glow in his eyes turns into a star or a heart.
    • His reprogrammed personality has him sound nicer and he is more helpful than before.


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