Jon shows how to play Valiant Hearts.

How to Play Valiant Hearts
Date June 26th 2014
Series How to Play

Cast Jon


Step 1: Buy a floppy disc from eBay.

Step 2: Wait patiently. Wait 2-3 weeks and don't get hasty.

Jon starts playing the game, and makes fun of the intro.

Step 1: Don't go to war.

Step 3: France - or something like that. Jon leaves the scene

Step 5: You Gotta go to war. Jon's character loses his entire outfit.

Jon has no idea what is going on, but it looks bad.

Step 7: Beat the shit outta everybody. Jon throws a 'water balloon' at a dummy.

Jon raises the flag.

Step 11: Alcoholism kills, kids.

Jon is scared of the mines.

Step 3: Get outta here.

Jon's character gets killed.

Step 76: Come to die here.