Jon reviews GoldenEye 007 for the Wii.

GoldenEye 007 Wii
Date November 2010
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Cast Jon


Goldeneye 007 has received a re-imagining. This game will be nostalgic for the players from the original.


Jon discusses the story. A lot of familiar faces appear, although not many of the acting cast has. James Bond himself is Daniel Craig.


It is hard to find a FPS to stand out over the bigger games, although Goldeneye 007 feels like a modernized version of the Nintendo 64 game. It doesn't feel like a Call of Duty clone. There are no fence high walls around. The player will be frequently overwhelmed by enemies, but it is the player's fault, not a random rock. The AI can be pea-brained.

The weapons are varied and feel as they would expect. Controls are customizable. This game feels like how Jon imagined how the genre should have felt after playing Red Steel. The controls don't feel as good as a mouse and keyboard. Motion controls may not be the way of the future for FPS's. The layout can be too simple. However, the smaller details make up for it.


All of the original characters from the original return - including Odd Job. The game style can be changed. The game has been tweaked to modernize the game, such as enemies not being as strong as the Terminator. This is a fun addition to the Wii's lineup, but there is nothing new or revolutionary here. Most people will return back to Halo Reach after being done with this game.


Everything feels right about this game. Using Daniel Craig annoys Jon, but this is nitpicking. The visuals are more then gorgeous for a Wii game. The story is heavily scripted, but is fun to pick up and play. This is the most fun that Jon has had in a FPS in a long time.

The multiplayer isn't the best, but is not just a cash in. This is a must play for anyone with a Wii.


Story: C+, Gameplay A-, Longevity B+

Final Score: A-