Jon did a bad thing. Jon asks people to sign a petition against the Nintendo 3DS as a joke.

Gaming in Public : 3DS
Date March 18th 2011
Series Other videos

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Cast Jon, Jacques


The 3DS is coming out in ten days. The 3DS will revolutionize everything. Nintendo speculates that the technology may affect children's eyes. Jon thinks that this is being blown out of proportion from fear-mongering. Jon compares the fear-mongering to that of a mobile phone, and how they don't emit enough radiation to damage a person. Jon sees a lot of articles about the 3DS making kids go blind!

Jon went around to make people sign a petition because the 3DS makes children blind! Jon wants to experiment that people will sign any petition. Jon reads his petition, to which it ends "Heil Hitler"! Jon puts a disclaimer that this is satire, and that everyone was let in on the joke afterwards.

Jon is in Dallas, Texas. He interviews two women. They have a son that has a DSi XL. Jon tells them about the risks of the 3DS, and tells them about the petition. They sign the form.

He talks to another woman, who also signs it.

He talks to two younger women. One of them reads it, and Jon admits that he lied! The other woman crosses her signature out!

He talks to a man, who signs the form. He still signed it despite reading it!

He talks to another man who will sign the form for porn 100%. He asks for money, and Jon runs away. He points out a memorial that has very strange wording on it. Jon asks them how much grass did they take today.

Another woman asks where they will send the petition. Jon replies with Mars.

Jon points out that he knows he is in Dallas, as there is a sign that says "Confederate" on it. He then notices that it says "Conferette" instead! Jon is confused. He walks into the bar. He tells the bar owner to sign his petition, and is told to get out of the store.

Jon shows his petition full of signatures. People will believe whatever anyone says. Jacques tells Jon about the stock market crash - while biting his eye.