This is a skit involving Jirard playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. This skit, along with Final Hallway XIII serve as the second episode of JonTron. This video is no longer listed on Jon's channel and can only be found by using a direct link.

Final Hallway XIII-2
Date March 5th 2012
Series JonTron

Cast Jirard The Completionist, Jon


Jirard is playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. Jon walks in and warns Jirard that last time this game was played Michael died. Fire burns down the hallway as Jon returns to the room in a Back to the Future gag, where Jon warns Jirard to stop playing. This Jon is also wearing glasses. Jirard yells at Jon for telling him to stop playing twice, and asks him where he got those glasses from. Jon explains that he is 'Future Jon'.

Jon rants about how evil the Final Fantasy XIII are, and Jirard becomes concerned. Another Jon enters to warn Future Jon not to tell Jirard about the reckoning. If Future Jon tells Jirard about the reckoning, Square Enix will make Final Fantasy XIV-2! Then they will come after Jon and give him a barely functioning MMO.

Jirard suggests to play Crono Trigger to reverse the spell. A third Future Jon warns the second Future Jon not to tell the first Future Jon...

Modern Jon re-enters the room. He is noticeably confused about the other Jon's in the room.