Date February 14th 2015
Series none

Cast Jon (voice only), FTK (animator), Pixlpit (animator), Cassidy Stone (animator), FERG! (animator), Mike Bedsole (animator and apparent organizer, according to the end credits), Louie Zong (animator), Sean Rhodes (animator), TopSpinTheFuzzy (animator), Fungasm (animator), Dalton Brown (animator), Catfat (animator), Daniel Tan (animator), Oryozema (animator), Brandon Turner (animator), Taylor Parrish (animator), Sir (animator), Lt. Eddy (animator), MrChambers (animator), Steve Dorian (animator), Flannelson (animator), Lucas Pacheco (animator), Stejkrobot (animator)

As promised for years, this is a re-uploaded and enhanced cover of Katy Perry's "Firework" by JonTron, played over an animated music video, a product of several popular animators featuring their unique styles.


In September 2014, Jon made a livestream, where he would raise money for charity. His fans raised $25000 for the charity Teach For America.

In September 2015, Jon recorded the track, and uploaded it to SoundCloud to fulfill his promise. Unfortunately, it was flagged for copyright and removed in December 2015, and Jon promised that he would find a way to reupload it[1].

It was suggested to Jon to reach out to animators to recreate an animated video clip to upload the video to YouTube.


  • During Lt. Eddy's Source Filmmaker segments, the model of Jon's head is taken from a Game Grumps add-on available at this link:
  • Brandon Turner's segment makes several references to old videos (something he's well-known for), including Jon's time on Game Grumps as well as Brandon's original Game Grumps Animated series. (Jon looks into a mirror and sees his Animated character, screaming.)