Ethan Klein

Full Name

Ethan Edward Klein


June 24, 1985


Ventura, California

First Appearance

Food Games Part 2

Ethan Klein is the creator of h3h3productions along with his wife Hila Klein.


He made a cameo appearance in Food Games PART 2 as the Kool-Aid Man, where he gives Jon the Kool-Aid Game to review and asks Jon if he wants some Kool-Aid where he is punched in the gut and spits out Kool-Aid.

Ethan appeared again in Counter Strike: The Durst Offensive.

His wife Hila was the producer on Titanic:The Legend Goes on review.

Ethan played a major role in Jon & Ethan Learn Kung Fu where he is literary stabbed in the back while waiting in line to order pizza. Jon shocked at this decides to teach him self-defense and the two of them go to Chinatown to meet Sifu Brian and Sifu Chen Yeng to learn kung fu but in the end of the video Sifu Chen asks Jon and Ethan to do his "Final Task" where he pulls a gun on the two of them.

Ethan appeared in THE JONTRON CHALLENGE. Jon has to face Ethan in a "fight to the death". The actual fight has Jon and Ethan stand on a small platform and use q-tips to attempt to push one of each other off. On the second round, Hila ran in to Jon's q-tips trying to score Ethan a point but ultimately failed. At the end of the match Jon was pronounced the winner. The referee heavily favored Jon.

A photo of Ethan is texted to Jon in Hunting Dungeons.