This is a chronological list of all JonTronShow episodes.

Note: Announcement videos are being added to this page and will soon be removed entirely from this page. A comprehensive list of videos that Jon has removed from his channel can be found here.

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Pilot (2010)

Preview Date Title Video Link
Jontrondaikatana Aug 31, 2010 Daikatana Review (Part 1) Youtube
Daikatanapart2 Aug 31, 2010 Daikatana Review (Part 2) YouTube

Season 1 (2010-2013)

Preview Date Title Video Link
CastlevaniaLODpart1 Sep 14, 2010 Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness Review (Part 1) YouTube
CastlevaniaLODpart2 Sep 14, 2010 Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness Review (Part 2) YouTube
TH Missing Unknown Top 10 Most Overrated Games of All Time not available
Top10MarioPartyMiniGames Sep 21, 2010 Top 10 Mario Party Minigames YouTube
Top10BossBattles Sep 29, 2010 Top 10 Boss Battles YouTube
JoeandMac Oct 06, 2010 Joe & Mac Retrospective YouTube
Top10MarioKartTracks Oct 16, 2010 Top 10 Mario Kart Tracks YouTube
Minecraft Oct 21, 2010 JonTron's MINECRAFT WORLD!! YouTube
TH Missing Nov 05, 2010 IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR ALL JONTRON FANS!! not available
TH Missing Unknown GoldenEye 007 Wii Review not available
TH Missing Nov 15, 2010 Gaming in Public not available
Jontronnimbus Nov 19, 2010 Nimbus Review? Youtube
6ScaryThingsInVideoGames Nov 22, 2010 6 Scary Things in Video Games YouTube
SonicColors Nov 26, 2010 Sonic Colors? YouTube
Top20SNESGames20-11 Dec 10, 2010 Top 20 SNES Games (Part 1) YouTube
DonkeyKongCountryReturnsReview Dec 18, 2010 Donkey Kong Country Returns Review? YouTube
Top20SNESGames10-1 Dec 24, 2010 Top 20 SNES Games (Part 2) YouTube
FinalHallwayXIII Jan 07, 2011 Final Hallway XIII YouTube
QuickTimeEvents Jan 15, 2011 QuickTime Events Suck! YouTube
6HorribleBossBattles Jan 28, 2011 6 Horrible Boss Battles YouTube
DinoCity Feb 04, 2011 DinoCity BRO!!! YouTube
Top5ThingsThatRuinAGamesImmersion Feb 11th 2011 Top 5 Things That Ruin A Game's Immersion YouTube
ApplesAndGrapes Feb 18, 2011 Apples and Grapes YouTube
TH Missing Feb 25, 2011 Apples and BREAKS Youtube
TH Missing Unknown NEW VIDEO LINK + INFORMATION not available
Malkovich'sGamingGuiltyPleasures Mar 18, 2011 Malkovich's Gaming Guilty Pleasures YouTube
TH Missing Unknown Gaming in Public 2 : 3DS not available
DrunkGamingCastlevania Apr 05, 2011 Drunk Gaming: The Castlevania Adventure YouTube
Top10NintendoOverworlds May 06, 2011 Top 10 Nintendo Overworlds YouTube
MightyMaxedOut May 30, 2011 Mighty Maxed Out YouTube
IronGamer Jul 14, 2011 IRON GAMER - SSBM Round 3 Extended YouTube
Top10VideoGameCommercials Aug 12, 2011 Top 10 Video Game Commercials YouTube
StarfoxAdventures Aug 29, 2011 Starfox Adventures: Stairfax Temperatures YouTube
GeorgeLucasAndJonTron Sep 23, 2011 George Lucas and JonTron visit Jupiter YouTube
Malkovich'sGamingGameShow Oct 05, 2011 Malkovich's Gaming Game Show YouTube
LeagueAndI Oct 18, 2011 The Leagüe and I not available
MonsterBash Nov 04, 2011 Monster Bash Starrin' Johnny Dash YouTube
SonicTeamIntervention Nov 15, 2011 Sonic Team Intervention YouTube
JurassicPark Dec 28, 2011 Jurassic Park: The Lost Potential not available
Aquaman Jan 23, 2012 Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis YouTube
HomeImprovement Feb 13, 2012 Home Improvement YouTube
MonsterParty Feb 27, 2012 Monster Party YouTube
FinalHallwayXIII2 Mar 05, 2012 Final Hallway XIII-2 YouTube
JONTRON LOVES Mar 12, 2012 JonTron loves Continue?!? YouTube
JontronBubsy Mar 26, 2012 Bubsy Collection YouTube
Charlie'sAngels Apr 20, 2012 Charlie's Angels for Gamecube YouTube
CounterStrike Apr 24, 2012 How To Play Counter Strike: Global Offensive YouTube
StarWarsKinect May 02, 2012 Star Wars Kinect YouTube
Diablo May 15, 2012 MORE LIKE DIABLO PEE YouTube
Top10NecessarySequels May 17, 2012 Top 10 Necessary Game Sequels YouTube
100,000SubscriberSpecial Jun 06, 2012 JONTRON UPDATE!! 100,000 subscriber special YouTube
Jontronbanjokazooie Jun 12, 2012 Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts YouTube
JurassicPark Jun 13, 2012 Jurassic Park: The Lost Potential (AGAIN) YouTube
Birdemic Jun 27, 2012 BIRDEMIC: The Best Worst Movie Ever YouTube
Monkey Jul 12, 2012 The Monkey Song YouTube
GameGrumps Jul 18, 2012 MY NEW CHANNEL: GameGrumps (Featuring Egoraptor) YouTube
Jontronkingsquest Aug 14, 2012 King's Quest V + Mailmen YouTube
Nightshade Oct 01, 2012 Nightshade: The Claws of HEUGH YouTube
ContinueDrunk Oct 03, 2012 Continue & JonTron - Drunkstravaganza! (Part 1) YouTube
SpaceAce Jan 29, 2013 Space Ace! YouTube
StateofAffairs Aug 12, 2013 JonTron State of Affairs YouTube

Season 2 (2013-2014)

Preview Date Title Video Link
JonTronHercules Sep 24, 2013 Hercules Games YouTube
Jontrongoosebumps Oct 27, 2013 Goosebumps (Part 1) YouTube
Jontrongoosebumps2 Oct 30, 2013 Goosebumps (Part 2) YouTube
Dykgouttakes Nov 30, 2013 DidYouKnowGaming Outtakes YouTube
MAGFest2014 Dec 20, 2013 JonTron at MAGFest 2014 + Terror YouTube
NewJonTronNormalBoots Jan 25, 2014 NEW JONTRON ON NORMALBOOTS (right now)! YouTube
JontronHomealone Feb 13, 2014 Home Alone Games YouTube
JontronPokemon Feb 15, 2014 Bootleg Pokémon Games YouTube
JonTronFoodfight Feb 26, 2014 Foodfight! YouTube
Conan Mar 22, 2014 Conan the Barbarian YouTube
DiabloIII Mar 26, 2014 Diablo III: Reaper of Souls HC w/ JONTRON YouTube
Jontrontakeshi Apr 22, 2014 Takeshi's Challenge YouTube
TH Missing Unknown NormalBoots at ConBravo! Normal Boots
ConkerBack Jun 09, 2014 CONKER IS TOTALLY BACK GUYS YouTube
Jontroncaliforniagames Jun 14, 2014 California Games YouTube
ValiantHearts Jun 26, 2014 How to Play Valiant Hearts YouTube
Titenic Jul 17, 2014 Titenic YouTube
JapaneseShooters Aug 16, 2014 Japanese Shoot 'Em Ups YouTube
AntiDrugGames Sep 24, 2014 Anti Drug Games YouTube
OfficialMerch Sep 26, 2014 Official JonTron MERCH!! YouTube
BanjoKazooieLiveStream Sep 28, 2014 BANJO-KAZOOIE CHARITY LIVESTREAM! YouTube
ClockTower Oct 18, 2014 Clock Tower YouTube
AreYouAfraidOfTheDarkPart1 Oct 28, 2014 Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Part 1) YouTube
AreYouAfraidOfTheDarkPart2 Oct 31, 2014 Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Part 2) YouTube
HowToPlaySmite Nov 16, 2014 How to Play Smite YouTube
PlugAndPlay Nov 29, 2014 Plug and Play Consoles YouTube
JonTron'sWinterTale Dec 08, 2014 A JonTron's Winter Tale YouTube
ZooRace Dec 13, 2014 The Zoo Race YouTube

Season 3 (2015-Present)

Preview Date Title Video Link
Barbiegames Feb 25, 2015 Barbie Games YouTube
StarCadeEpisode1 May 9th 2015 JonTron's StarCade: Episode 1 - Atari Games YouTube
OneLastJonTronUpdate May 17th 2015 ONE LAST JONTRON UPDATE! YouTube
StarCadeEpisode2 May 24th 2015 JonTron's StarCade: Episode 2 - X-WING YouTube
TitenicTheJonSong June 9th 2015 Titenic: The JonSong (Ft. Schmoyoho) YouTube
StarCadeStarWarsChess June 28th 2015 JonTron's StarCade: Episode 3 - Star Wars Chess YouTube
StarCadeNintendoStarWars September 1st 2015 JonTron's StarCade: Episode 4 - Nintendo Star Wars YouTube
JonSpillsTheBeans September 7 2015 Jon Spills the Beans YouTube
StarCadePhantomMenaceGames September 29th 2015 JonTron's StarCade: Episode 5 - The Phantom Menace Games YouTube
StarCadeYodaStories October 14th 2015 JonTron's StarCade: Episode 6 - Yoda Stories YouTube
StarCadePlugAndPlay October 28th 2015 JonTron's StarCade: Episode 7 - Star Wars Plug and Play YouTube
TitanicTheLegendGoesOn October 31st 2015 Titanic: The Legend Goes On YouTube
StarWarsBattlefrontWithFriendsAndFans November 18th 2015 Star Wars Battlefront with Friends and Fans!! YouTube
Food November 26th 2015 Food Games(PART 1) YouTube
FoodGamesPart2 December 7th 2015 Food Games(PART 2) YouTube
StarCadeEverythingElse December 11th 2015 JonTron's StarCade: Episode 8 - Everything Else! YouTube
StarCadeHolidaySpecial December 15th 2015 JonTron's StarCade: Episode 9 - The Star Wars Holiday Special (FINALE) YouTube
JonTron2015Q&A December 24th 2015 JonTron 2015 Q&A!! YouTube
GunsOfIcarus February 6th 2016 Guns of Icarus (REAL TUTORIAL!!) - Ft. JonTron YouTube
JonGoesPrimal February 16th 2016 Jon Goes Primal (Far Cry Primal) YouTube
ATalkingCat February 25th 2016 A Talking Cat!?! - JonTron YouTube
TheDurstOffensive February 29th 2016 Counter Strike: The Durst Offensive (JonTron & H3H3) YouTube
TheSkateboardKid May 1st 2016 The Skateboard Kid YouTube
DisneyBootlegs June 13th 2016 Disney Bootlegs YouTube
TheJonTronChallenge June 30th 2016 THE JONTRON CHALLENGE! YouTube
HuntingDungeons July 14th 2016 Hunting DUNGEONS!! (In a dungeon...) YouTube

Appearances on Other Channels

Additionally, Jon has appeared in 619 episodes of Game Grumps. He has also appeared on multiple series of PeanutButterGamer's Hardcore series, and has featured as a guest on several of ScrewAttack's SGC's. He has also hosted several episodes of Did You Know Gaming (and his outtakes are on his YouTube).

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