Jon discusses the many illegally made Disney-themed video games. It is the 48th episode of JonTron overall and the 7th episode in Season 3.

Disney Bootlegs
Date June 13th 2016
Series JonTron
Season 3
Episode Number 7

Cast Jon, Bootleg Mufasa (Distorted voice of James Earl Jones), Bootleg Jacques (Will from afar), The Great Bootleg (Sharon)

Games shown

  • The Lion King (bootleg) - Nintendo Entertainment System
  • The Lion King 5: Timon and Pumbaa - Nintendo Entertainment System
  • The Lion King 2: Simba's Mighty Adventure - Genesis
  • Mulan - Genesis
  • Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys - PlayStation 2
  • Dress Up Who Online Frozen Games


The episode begins with Jon questioning someone off screen about some sort of moon-themed philosophy. The person in question appears to be a rag puppet of a lion dubbed "Bootleg Mufasa". The lion speaks in movie quotes that get more distorted as he speaks. After having a sort of meltdown, Jon disowns him and states that he wished he never invited him. The lion's eyes bulge while Jon insults him and, immediately following Jon's speech, he flips out, causing his eyes to pop out and a mini lion to come out of his mouth while distorted noises and imagery occurs.

Jon proclaims his fear for the situation while asserting his concern for the lion's friend, "Bootleg Zazu" a slimey, writhing, featherless avian creature. Soon enough, Jon is greeted by a fattened, puppet version of Jacques, dubbed "Bootleg Jacques" who gives Jon a cease and desist letter, while expressing his own torture at being synthetic, which Jon dismisses.

Jon begins discussing how not even the greats like Walt Disney could avoid the bootleg scourge. As such, he elects to play a few games that demonstrate how the Disney Market has been exploited over the years.

The first game is called The Lion King. Jon notes that the copyright is all correct and credits the devs for giving credit where it's due. However, he soon notices that all of the assets belong to the Jungle Book video game, with the exception of Mowgli's sprite, which has been replaced with a bipedal lion made to represent Simba. After a bit of frustration with the dev's choice, Jon notes that the Lion in the game can make a twerking-like motion and proceeds to do so himself.

Next is The Lion King 5. The game, summed up, is essentially the SNES Lion King game that's been backshafted to the NES. Jon notes that there are three playable characters: Timon, Simba, and Pumba. Jon becomes concerned when he sees the sprites, noting that Simba and Pumba look fine, but that Timon is missing ears and is wearing a bowtie. Jon freaks out when he sees the walking fingers that replace the game's original enemies. He then chides the creators for their lack of effort in making enemies for the game, suggesting plenty of other viable options. He notes the glitchy nature of the game before succumbing to it's poor controls. He gets a game over and is appauled to find that the game over screen features Simba hanging himself. He notes that the game is actually rather well-known and infamous for its insane game over sequences, which also feature Timon crying and digging himself a grave, as well as Pumba boiling himself alive. Jon becomes so distraught over this that he attempts to hang himself, to no avail.

He plays The Lion King 2 Simba's Mighty Adventure on Genesis. Jon notes that this particular game, unlike the two prior, were not altered versions of existing games, and, instead, was its own stand alone game. As the game opens up, Jon begins singing somberly about Mufasa's sprite, whose face is mildly unsettling to look at. He immediately starts off afterward by denoting the game's Chinese locale as opposed to Africa, while teasing the intro, which is awkwardly handled.

The programmers tried to get cute with their programming and made a level with teleporting doors that make weird noises. Jon took 30 minutes to work out that he had to kill all the enemies to have the doors open. There is a floating platform with a swastika on it! Jon smashes his 'You Can't Make this Shit up' alarm!

Jon play Mulan for Genesis. The first section is 'Wanna be a man'. This is a horribly translated version of one of the songs in the movie, and they don't even use song in the level! Mulan beats up her friends. The characters look like they could come from a Disney game. Jon comments on the asymmetrical hearts.

Suddenly the great Boot-leg appears. Jon comments that old Jontron was better! The Great Boot-leg barfs out a disgusting disc that Jon doesn't want to pick up.

The game is called Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys for Playstation 2. No one looks 'clever' on the box! This is an actual licensed game! Jon comments on the weird creatures on the title screen. Jon will never get over the name of the game, and Jon wants to be put into it!

How is the first boy like a bear? The narrator calls a kid fat! One of the kids is a very racist image of a black person! How did Sony approve of this game with that in it? Jon waves his lighter as Snow sings. The game is just simple jigsaw puzzles and coloring games.

Jon thinks he's covered everything, when Bootleg Jacques returns to give Jon another scroll. It says Dress Up Who. Jon dresses as Elsa from Frozen. It was a mistake! Dress Up Who is a website with girl games. This website has a large section on Frozen games. Nothing compares to 'Elsa Frozen Brain Surgery'! Jon is dumbfounded. Jon kills Elsa.

Jon plays a pregnancy game. Why is this a thing? Jon continues to get freaked out by the weird games. Elsa has a zombie baby! Jon is horrified by the horrible games available. Jon is actually going to throw up while playing these games. Jon is scarred for life.

Jon wants to get the images out of his brain.


  • Jon appears to hang himself in this video, although the scene was actually performed via greenscreen, with Jon later confirming he was in no actual danger.
    • Towards the end of the scene, Jon's hand briefly clips through the greenscreen border.
  • The swastika featured on the side of the blue platform in Simba's Mighty Adventure is actually an inverted swastika known as a manji, an Asian-originating symbol meant to symbolize good fortune and peace.
  • This is the first episode to have a red curtain cover the green-screen window up.