In this irregular episode, Jon and Ethan play the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive together. It plays out similarly to Sponsor Episodes, but is otherwise just a random romp where Jon goofs around in the game.

Counter Strike: The Durst Offensive (JonTron & H3H3)
Date February 29th 2016
Series Unknown

Cast Jon, Ethan Klein, Cinnamon, Jacques


Jon and Ethan Klein played Counter Strike: Go together. Jon's game name is Cinnamon #1 Drowned Bird, which he named because he is dumb. Cinnamon bites Jon's face a lot. In the A Talking Cat!?! episode, Jon has a gash on his face from when Cinnamon bit him! Ethan is freaked out by Cinnamon. Jon has a falcon glove to hold her! Jon shows footage of Cinnamon and Jacques.

They finally play, and Jon is killed quickly. Ethan wants to avenge Jon, even though he hasn't died. He soon dies. Jon gets confused by the instructions he has been given. Jon breaks the emergency glass.Jon gets shot as soon as he enters a vent. Jon shouts as he is killed again.

Another player sounds like a dad as he gives encouragement to everyone. Jon zones out as Ethan tries to talk to him. Jon names his gun Karma Chameleon. The pair talk about their favorite bands.

They talk about Fred Durst. Fred has to ask himself about what he just said. Jon commentates Ethan's play. Jon and Ethan hide in a porta potty. They are horrified when they open the door. Jon throws a grenade in panic. Some guy argues with them.

The video ends in a fever dream sequence where Fred Durst dies.