Jon plays Charlie's Angels on the Gamecube. It is a horrible movie tie in.

Charlie's Angels for Gamecube
Date April 20th 2012
Series JonTron

Cast Jon, Jacques


Jon has a trophy, and Jacques works out that it is worth $4 million. Jacques reveals that Jon rewired Jacques' circuits to give exaggerated praise.

Charlie's Angels falls down from the ceiling and Jon decides to review it. He introduces the game and looks at the box. This game has been panned by everyone. Get Free by The Vines is the title music? Jon gets away from it before he gets slapped with a Cease and Desist. Jon is infuriated by the use of the word 'Valid' rather than 'Accept' or 'OK'.

The story is that someone stole the Statue of Liberty, by cutting out the power to the city. Jon questions how stupid that is. Jon talks about the original TV show from the seventies, and then the remakes of the movies, which lead to this game's release. The voice acting is horrible - even the Angels! These are decent actresses, how are they so bad?

They went straight for the sex appeal off the bat, and people start chasing the girls immediately. She didn't even do anything to provoke these guys! Jon hates the grunting noise Natalie makes every time she gets hit. Jon also complains about the fact that she wears a bikini the whole time. An invisible wall follows the character. Jon actually thinks that Aquaman was more fun than this! After finishing the levels, it just gets straight into the next one.

At the end of the levels, the girls pull out a walkie talkie and talk to each other. The walking animations look weird. Then there is a horrifically amazing dance animation with Lucy Liu's character. Jon struggles to climb a ladder since the controls are so bad. It's a LONG ladder. Snake Eater had a long ladder, but it was awesome. He then wonders why he compared the two games.

After Jon beat some more levels, he finds that the level looped! Jon tries again to make sure that it wasn't just him, and it loops again! The game was so repetitive that Jon thought that it was actually supposed to happen. Surely this wasn't intentional.

Jon throws the game away, and Jacques snaps out of his rewiring. He threatens that if Jon messed with his circuits, he would do something drastic. Jon scratches him, and Jacques forgives him.