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Castlevania Legacy of Darkness Review Part 1
Date September 14th 2010
Series JonTron

Cast JonTron

This is the second JonTron episode, and like the Daikatana episode, it is more of a traditional review, rather than the JonTron episodes we know today.

Part 1

Jon is terrified by the games opening. He doesn't like the silence, the lack of any background, and the dodgy camera. Nothing feels like it should. A lot of the game is just pulling levers and jumping on platforms and pointless puzzles that go nowhere. There are also some really bad boss fights including one that's way too hard, one that's way to easy, and one that commits suicide. Water also kills you.

Part 2

The game is full of cheap deaths - except Jon actually gets through it in one go! Jon actually finds a cool boss that gives Jon a fright. The game then glitches out. The game goes on and on and on and on... Jon makes it to the final chamber. The final boss is epic and hard as shit. Jon needed to cheat in order to beat it.

Castlevania Legacy of Darkness Review Part 2
Date September 14th 2010
Series JonTron

Cast JonTron

Jon concludes that the game isn't bad, it just doesn't feel like a Castlevania game.

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