Jon is watching the events of E3, only to get excited as he sees Conker appear during the press conference, only to find out he was being trolled.

Date June 9th 2014
Series none

Cast Jon


It's time for E3, and Jon is watching the press conferences. Jon is watching the Project Spark trailer, and is surprised to see Conker. Jon is excited to see Conker. When the punchline is revealed that a Conker game isn't coming, Jon just laughs and claps, clearly mind-broken.

He then coughs up blood. Jon flushes his Xbox 360 games down the toilet, and puts his Xbox One into its box, and repeatedly stabs the box with a knife. He looks outside, and claims that all is lost. A tombstone showing Banjo, Kazooie and Conker are shown, with the Banjo-Kazooie Game Over theme playing.

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