Jon plays Resident Evil 7 with PlayStation.

Date November 19th 2016
Series Other Videos

Cast Jon, PlayStation developers


PlayStation bought Jon out to play some of their games early. Jon is asked about himself. Jon walks through a door and is startled by the actors behind him. Jon is creeped out by the fog, and they break into a house. Jon comments on the old VCR. Jon is given the PSVR.

Jon plays Resident Evil 7. Jon has to find a fuse. Jon is terrified by the atmosphere. The manikins are moving and Jon panics. Jon searches for a key. Jon searches the house. Jon gets ignored by the other characters. Jon climbs down the ladder, complaining while he goes.

Once Jon is done playing, all that is surrounding him are manikins! A phone rings. Jon is told to get out of the house. Jon finds some bolt cutters. Jon opens a cupboard, revealing a body falling apart. Jon will be afraid by whatever is outside. It is apparently his dad out there. Jon hangs out with the manikins. The guy is still moaning on the phone.

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