Jon reviews My Sims because PeanutButterGamer hated it.

Apples and Grapes
Date February 18th 2011
Series Reviews

Cast JonTron, PeanutButterGamer, Jacques


Jon begins by mocking PeanutButterGamer saying that his review of My Sims was pessimistic. Jon names his town Bualsvilla, and called his character Austinisgay. You can't control where you're going in this game. Jon will never get sick of the weird language the characters speak. And the characters keep on falling over.

Jon has no idea what to do in this game and runs around very confused. He decides to go visit PBG. He starts crying to Austin about how bad the game is, and Austin is shocked that Jon came all this way just to complain about the game.

There are also bloopers at the end.

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