Jon watches the small budget film, A Talking Cat!?!

A Talking Cat!?!
Date February 25th 2016
Series JonTron

Cast Jon, Sergio Torres


Jon feeds lasagna to a telephone shaped like Garfield. The phone rings, and Jon can hear someone screaming. Jon screams as he hangs up.

Jon introduces Talking Cat!?! This movie was produced by the Fantastic 4! Jon shows his new logo, a rip off of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer logo. Jon makes choking noises over it. The movie starts with a minute of establishing shots. Jon is confused as to who is talking. Jon sits in an editing room giving life advice. Sergio tries to talk to him, but is hit in the head with a glass bottle.

The cat rolls around and the opening title starts. Jon questions how the house looks and is confused by it, and wonders if there is a dead body in the house. When the character points out how ugly the tree is, Jon points out the fact that there is half a car in the living room! The kid hates how his dad reacts to the car, and Jon overreacts comparing it to being treated like a baby, and dons a pacifier and bib.

Jon tries to explain the basic plot, that the company is being sold, but isn't told what the company does. The bizarre decorations are constantly being mentioned. Why is the son such a dick to his father? Jon comments how bad of a dramatic exit a spiral staircase is.

Jon compliments the church music, even though it is out of place for the film. A girl is calling the son asking for English lessons and he struggles to speak. Jon crushes a banana. Footage of a dam expelling water is shown to demonstrate the situation.

A cat walks by. The son's voice echoes horribly as if it was recorded in the Catacombs. The son randomly asks about talking to girls and the cat reappears.

The scene shifts to an evergreen forest now, and a woman has problems with her feet. The woman seems to read her daughter's mind, and wants to stop her from going to business college. Jon freaks out, knocking the games off of his shelf. Everyone seems to anticipate the girl talking about going to business college. What a big happy family we've got here! The guy recognizes the cat straight away. The cat food is visible on the ground in front of it.

The voice is defiantly the inner monologue of the cat. It's name is Duffy. The man has to hit it and push its head back into the shot. Jon is confused as to where the film takes place. The movie shifts back to the woman's house. Jon wonders about how large the laptop is as the girl insults the door frame. The guy isn't very intelligent, and he thinks he is helping by building a fence. The girl says "I know" on the phone a lot.

A cat starts talking to her with level 999 special effects and a script level of 0! Jon puts a picture of the movie poster on his wall. Jon explains "The rules" of the talking cat. The woman ignores everything her daughter says. The guy is still working on the fence! Jon wants the movie to be over.

The girl throws her laptop on her bed, and she sees the website of the man from the first part of the movie? The old man has a break down after the cat talked to him. He goes on a walk, and the film changes its location again! Did the man walk that far?

The movie makes attempts at jokes. The son is underwhelmed at seeing the cat talking. Jon is seen restrained.

It turns out the woman and man were neighbours! Jon thought they were on different sides of the planet. They talk about cheese puffs! The man looks like something the cat dragged in. Jon gets excited as the line is said and blows two horns! The woman pulls something out of the oven without gloves. The film gets weird. The woman is mad about her cheese puffs being dropped. It gets awkward as the woman is mad at him.

The two sons meet up somehow and swim in the pool. The characters all meet up and argue. Jon shows another scene where they scan clothes with a bed light. Jon tries to guess the plot. The man scans the clothes along with the music.

The cat ends up being hit by a car! Jon thought that he missed the point when he first watched it. The characters meet up. Jon is worried about Duffy. Jon points out the bandage over the cat's head. He puts one on himself, and informs the cat that it just needs to take the bandage off! Jon can't believe they tried to pass this off. The cat looks too comfortable.

Several other movies made by the same people are shown on the screen.