Jon lists six horrible boss battles.

6 Horrible Boss Battles
Date YouTube: January 28th 2011

NormalBoots: January 14th 2011

Series Top 10's

Cast Jon


6. Hell - Super Meat Boy.  Jon loves the game. Until he gets to the boss in Hell. You can't predict the bosses attacks, you have to memorize every bit of it and hope for the best.

5. Gyorg - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Why does every Zelda game have to have a horrible water level. Jon would rather drown. You can't even see or target Gyorg, and eats you before you can react.

4. Fallout 3. Jon laughs at how easy the final "boss" is. He isn't even sure if it is the final boss, it's that easy. You just shoot him a few times, and he isn't even wearing armor!

3. Castlevania: Lord of Shadow (Plagiarism). The Ice Titan. It's just a rip off of Shadow of the Colossus. The controls are bad and the boss itself is unfair.

2. Mobile Type 8 - Final Fantasy VIII. Jon had a hard time beating this boss, and barely had any HP when he got to it. But when he found someone having no trouble with it online, he realized that maybe he just sucks.

1. Titan Joker - Batman Arkam Asylum. The Joker is always about mind games and tricks rather than brawn. So, what is this? It ruins the Joker character and Jon fells like he's playing Gears of War instead and he was disappointed by it.